Technical Support

Find solutions for handling, maintaining and fabricating ACRYLITE®. For more help, call our Technical Center at 207-490-4230

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UL Yellow Cards
UL listed electrical equipment needs UL listed acrylic. We maintain UL QMFZ2 Plastic Component listings for all grades of ACRYLITE® suitable for lighting, signs, and enclosures.
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ACRYLITE® Calculators
Estimate the ACRYLITE® thickness required for various loads. Calculators include uniform pressures, central point loads, and aquarium/pool water loads. You may also request help on unique applications.  
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TechKnowlogy Center
Find answers to your technical questions. Our FAQ library is built on 40 years manufacturing and fabricating acrylic products, as well as hundreds of physical property tests.

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Tech Briefs (Fabrication Manuals)
Learn techniques for creating with ACRYLITE®. Start with cutting, forming, and joining. Finish your project by polishing, annealing and painting. We offer the details to solve your fabrication challenges. 
ACRYLITE® Safety Data Sheets
Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
Access the Safety Data Sheets for ACRYLITE® acrylic products and ACRIFIX® chemicals. Our Safety Data Sheets follow GHS guidelines to ensure the safe handling, use, disposal, and transport.