ACRYLITE® and EUROPLEX® HC films offer a high level of functionality and are specifically designed to fulfill requirements of specific markets and applications. We keep improving our products in collaboration with our customers and incorporate new solutions.



ACRYLITE® films consist of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) and contain polybutyl acrylate (PBA) as an impact modifier. These films contain varying degrees of UV absorbers and have the following property profile: weatherproof, UV-absorbent, scratch resistant (pencil hardness to 2 H), completely transparent, easy to form, easy to print (screen, digital, gravure and flexo printing).


EUROPLEX® HC Films are PMMA films that are co-extruded with PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride), in which the fluoropolymer is the top layer. Both polymers are inextricably bonded in the film. These films are transparent and UV protective, with excellent weather resistance and anti-soiling effect. The PVDF layer provides outstanding resistance to chemicals and a stain-resistant surface, which is easy to clean. The PMMA side can be printed with customized color systems and bonds well with a wide range of substrates.

Application areas for ACRYLITE® Films


PVC Decorative Films

ACRYLITE® Films offer a variety of opportunities, in boosting the performance of exterior décor films. They protect PVC substrates and printed décors in a perfect way. Thanks to our long term expertise in the formulation of UV protective films, we offer a complete range of cap films. ACRYLITE® Film 0F008, which is designed for moderate climates, is recommended for general purpose lamination.

For more severe climate zones ACRYLITE® Film 0F011 is the right choice. If a matt surface is desired, ACRYLITE® Film 0F032 can be laminated. For very harsh climates, EUROPLEX® Film HC 99710 provides the best solution to decorative films in terms of durability.

With these various grades, all requirements of the new RAL GZ 716 can be fulfilled.

UV Protective Films for exterior compact laminate (HPL)

Thanks to our expertise in chemicals and to a patented formulation of co-extruded films, we have successfully developed a product range dedicated to the UV protection of vertical exterior grade compact laminates.


ACRYLITE® Film 99836 is our pure PMMA UV protective film for exterior grade compact laminates. It absorbs more than 98 percent of UV radiation and shows optimal performance under long term outdoor weathering.


EUROPLEX® Film HC 99716 is our premium film for the HPL market segment. Since it has PVDF as top layer, this film has a boosted UV protection performance and will block more than 99.8 percent of UV light. In addition to the utmost UV protection, the PVDF layer provides superior chemical resistance and an anti-soiling/easy to clean surface. Both products contain a tailor made formulation of PMMA base layer that achieves a chemical bonding onto laminated melamine panels.

Reflective Materials


We offer a variety of different grades, which can be used as an overlay for reflective materials. These films can be either clear or transparent colored. The colors fulfill many different international regulations.

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EUROPLEX®  Film HC 99710 can be used as an overlay for easy-to-clean surfaces on traffic signs. Please click here for more information: EUROPLEX®  Film HC 99710 Tech Info

Films for durable and tamper-evident lables

Durable labels

In certain applications, it is crucial that important messages regarding branding, safety, compliance, instructions, warnings, identity and traceability remain legible on labels for lifetime of a product.

As over-laminates equipped with UV absorbers, ACRYLITE® films protect labels and printed substrates from sunlight and effects of weathering, as well as ensure readability of important information for a desired period of time. The combination of UV protection and high transparency provides the highest optical quality, which is maintained even after many years of outdoor use.

The PVDF layer of the EUROPLEX® HC film additionally offers improved chemical resistance. Moreover, soiling can be removed rapidly and effectively from the film surface.

In addition, durable labels and printed substrates can be produced without over-lamination, because the ACRYLITE® surface can be printed on directly. Due to excellent surface optics, high-quality prints can be achieved.

Tamper-evident labels

In specific applications, brand protection and security have high priorities, due to the fact that counterfeiting damages sales, brand perception and product value. Labels made from ACRYLITE® films are visibly and irreversibly damaged after an attempt to remove them from their original position.

ACRYLITE® films are made of 100% acrylic polymer. Therefore, they are halogen, solvent and plasticizer free and odorless. The transparent ACRYLITE® film grades provide a high level of aesthetics.

Glass fiber reinforced polyester sheets (GRP)

ACRYLITE® and EUROPLEX® HC Films contain UV inhibitors and therefore are able to provide excellent protection against early yellowing and degradation of GRP sheets.

Due to these film's smooth surface which remains unchanged for long periods of time, GRP sheets protected by ACRYLITE® and EUROPLEX® films are considered self-cleaning and no fiber show benefits, leading the sheets to have a great aesthetic appearance for long time.

Thanks to their chemistry, ACRYLITE® and EUROPLEX® HC Films have excellent adhesion onto GRP sheets and therefore provide a high quality natural light transmission for longer duration.

Additionally, EUROPLEX® HC Films protect sheets against graffiti, by providing an easy-to-clean surface.

Films for Gravure and Flexo Pringting

ACRYLITE® and EUROPLEX® HC Films can easily be printed on using gravure or flexo printing technologies.

ACRYLITE® Films can either be top or reverse printed, whereas EUROPLEX® HC Films must be reverse printed.

Alternatively, both films can receive a décor through heat transfer of inks printed onto a PET film. In the case of EUROPLEX® HC Films, transfer has to be made onto the PMMA side.

Inline lamination onto sheets

ACRYLITE® and EUROPLEX® HC films can be used as capstock onto various polymeric extruded sheets.

Both films are laminated inline and can easily be integrated in an extrusion process. Standard process parameters are fully compatible with the achievement of proper lamination.

For PMMA, ABS and PVC sheets, both films are heat laminated. An adhesive layer may be needed with other polymers.

Light guide film

High luminous efficacy at long distances

ACRYLITE® Film 0F058 provides excellent light transmission and brilliance due to very low optical damping. Thanks to this quality, light that is fed via edges of the film is guided without loss even over long distances, and thus a high luminous efficacy is achieved. Therefore, ACRYLITE® Film 0F058 is ideal for light guide applications in displays. High optical purity and transparency of the film allow for a highly efficient use of LEDs as light source.

The film is supplied in rolls and can therefore be processed in roll-to- roll production very efficiently. Nano- and microstructures which are required for homogeneous illumination of a defined area can be hot embossed, printed, laser engraved or embossed in a UV curable lacquer. Compared to other transparent films without hardcoat, ACRYLITE® Film 0F058 has superior scratch resistance and a higher stiffness at the same thickness. Cut-to-size films are also available upon request.

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