ACRYLITE® extruded clear 0A000 GT

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  • ACRYLITE Premium extruded material
  • Crystal clarity & high-gloss surface
  • Tougher & half the weight of glass
  • Can be routed, machined, painted, engraved & hot stamped
  • UV absorbent & made in America

Popular applications include displays, shelving, furniture, shelf liners, desk protectors, garage door & storm replacement windows

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ACRYLITE® extruded (FF) acrylic sheet is the highest quality continuously manufactured plastic sheet on the market. It provides tight thickness tolerance and high optical characteristics. ACRYLITE® extruded acrylic sheet is readily available in clear or a variety of colors and thicknesses.

Glass vs. Acrylic Comparison
ACRYLITE® Acrylic is much tougher than glass, at half the weight, is easy to fabricate and form into a variety of shapes, comes in hundreds of colors and is readily decorated. It provides a new level of flexibility and allows ideas to take shape. It sets designers free!

Acrylic is often used where safety and ease of handling are concerns. It is many times more impact resistant than conventional plate glass and has similar impact strength compared to tempered glass. In addition to its excellent impact strength, acrylic sheet of the same size and thickness is half the weight of glass.

High impact strength and light weight make acrylic sheet the choice of people who care! Acrylic also feels warm to the touch, not cold like glass, because it is a better heat insulator. Compared to glass it has a lower coefficient of thermal conductivity.

Often used in glazing applications such as

- Interior partitions
- Exterior storm windows
- Room dividers
- Sun and wind screens
- Skylights
- Interior insulating windows
- Storm door windows
- Fascia panels
- Dome structures