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Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM EST (Ordering processing hours differ)

Phone: 1-855-202-7467 (Orders cannot be processed over the phone)

Email: info@acrylite.co

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1796 Main Street

Sanford, ME 04073

Our Brand, Lifelong Inspiration

ACRYLITE® is inspiration personified, a material for inspired minds. Wherever cutting-edge projects are conceived, ACRYLITE® is in on the act. Its versatile and constantly growing range of functionalities, combined with durability and environmental compatibility, make it one of the most precious plastics and an indispensable partner for innovation.

ACRYLITE® is always the material of choice when special requirements have to be met. This goes from developing new products, producing unusual designs or visionary architecture, creating an eye-catching ambience or realizing sustainable projects. Our wide range and high quality standards help our customers to secure success in today’s markets. With our large selection of specialties, ongoing developments and partnerships, we also shape the markets of the future together with our customers.

ACRYLITE® offers the tailor-made, durably brilliant and sustainable solution you are looking for.

Our Promise

Our knowledgeable Customer Care Team is committed to guiding you every step of the way, beginning with product selection. We’re here for you!  We will process your order with care, precision and speed, as only the creators of ACRYLITE® can! Your custom package will be on its way in two days or less, guaranteed.

As the manufacturer of ACRYLITE®, we’ll strive to energize, inspire and keep you at the forefront of our business.  This is our promise to you.